Family Consulting

I know firsthand how hard it is to attempt healthy living with a busy family in today’s world. I refuse to believe that any of us wake up each morning choosing to live an unhealthy lifestyle because we simply want to. Life is all about choices. I believe firmly that those daily choices eventually turn into our lifetime results, which is why I am so passionate about the services provided.

Family wellness consulting is a way to give a family new found hope that it is possible to work together as a unit…a team and live better, one step at a time.

What can you expect? Well, I am so glad you asked! You can expect a thorough personal visit (casual, interview style) with your family on every aspect of your well-being. About a week post-visit you will receive what I call your family’s “game plan”. With that, your family can begin to put into “play” many action items that are realistic for your “home team”! Sorry for all the sports references. I am a huge fan…and just couldn’t resist!

Please keep in mind that this service is intended for
all types of families. There are gaps in lifestyles that can help the most athletic, active family as well as opportunities for the family that thinks they are simply too far gone. There is hope!

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